Athena Diabolo


We're fortunate to live near the headquarters of Klutz press, the publisher of many books on juggling and other fun activities. They also have an "outlet" store; it was there that we discovered diabolos... and we quickly found that we couldn't have just one! Just seeing someone practice or play with one naturally makes you want to try it - and surprisingly, it's easier than it looks once you get the hang of it. Each diabolo comes with a pair of sticks with a string tied between them. You hang the diabolo on the string, holding one stick in each hand, then gently start pulling the sticks back and forth to start the diabolo spinning. When you get it spinning fast enough, you can try a variety of tricks, including tossing (and catching) it - even with a friend! To learn more about diabolos, see "":!

Topic: games
Age Level: secondary
You'll use it: occasionally

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