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Teaching Math: How early can I start?

featured in January 2007

You start teaching as soon as your baby is born. When you feed her, change her diaper, and hold her, your newborn learns she is loved. But when does a baby begin to learn math?

Teaching Math: Where do I begin?

featured in January 2007 * Homefires ezine*

When home schooling parents express concern about teaching a particular subject, often that subject is mathematics. Parents wonder where to begin. They are anxious about how to proceed. Parents worry if they’ll be able to advance with their kids. But there’s lots of hope! Here is some information to help you relieve these anxieties.

Home School Chemistry

Sometimes we mix a few other subjects in with our math. Here’s a musical presentation our family recently gave at a party.

Links to Learning

Fun ways to learn, meaningful teaching methods, and answers to almost any math question are just a click away!

Can Anyone Learn Math?

What is stopping you?
Maybe the way you’ve been doing it is not your style.

The Natural Fun of Learning

Learning is naturally fun, for good reasons.

If you’re not enjoying learning, don’t give up on the subject, but look for a different way to approach it.

Math Contests

Math Contests are a fun way for competitive kids to demonstrate their math skills.

Have a Math Fair

For kids who need some extra motivation in math and for those who already enjoy it, try having a math fair.

Making a Mathematical Hit

In the recent past, homeschoolers have been accused of not knocking the ball out of the park in the area of mathematics. With God-given talents, we should hit a grand slam here.

(published in Homeschooling Today, Spring 2006)

Start a Math Club

For those kids who are motivated by an extra challenge, think about starting a math club.

Teaching Problem Solving

(originally published Homeschooling Today Sept 2005)

The essense of mathematics is solving problems. For those times you’ve approached a math problem and not known where to begin, here are steps to guide you through the problem solving process.

This is, the website built on our belief that learning is naturally fun. With the right expectation and approach, anyone can enjoy learning. But since each of us is unique, we each must find our own best way to learn. We know that we have found our way when learning is fun.

Here you will find books, products, and ideas that our family has used to make learning fun for each one of us. We hope that it encourages you to find your own way to have the fun of learning.