About math-mom.com

Welcome to math-mom.com, the website that we created to share our family's love of learning.

Our story. My own love of learning has always included a love to teach. It started with tutoring in high school. That led to teaching high school math, then to graduate studies in math education at the University of Michigan. There I worked on new ways to teach problem solving to middle schoolers and enjoyed the guidance of Arthur Coxford and Joseph Payne, two of the top textbook and curriculum developers in high school mathematics.

When our oldest child was born, I started thinking about teaching our children at home. Now he's seventeen and I'm a full-time home schooling mom. That keeps me constantly looking for resources to help each of our children enjoy learning. Each has grown and developed different interests, and our library has grown with them.

Our project. Families that visit us are often surprised by things they find on our bookshelves. Many leave saying, "Wow, we didn't know that learning math could be so much fun!"

math-mom.com grew from our desire to share the treasures we've found more broadly. The resources we recommend aren't limited to mathematics, but since that is the area where I've worked the most, it is a natural place for us to begin. Math has many connections to the sciences, technology, medicine, business, art, music, even history and literature. When you explore the world of mathematics, you quickly see that it is no island!

Our hope. We believe that fun family learning experiences are for everyone, not just home schoolers. Many are as simple as a dinner table conversation, a walk outside, or an evening game. As you browse math-mom.com, we hope you'll find something that sparks your imagination, and we hope that leads you to learn something new yourself or with a child that you love. As you use the things you find here, please let us know what you think. If you have questions, please ask. When you're ready to explore new areas, come back and visit again.

Thanks again for visiting us at math-mom.com!

Linda Burks, Ed.D.
Los Altos, California USA

This is math-mom.com, the website built on our belief that learning is naturally fun. With the right expectation and approach, anyone can enjoy learning. But since each of us is unique, we each must find our own best way to learn. We know that we have found our way when learning is fun.

Here you will find books, products, and ideas that our family has used to make learning fun for each one of us. We hope that it encourages you to find your own way to have the fun of learning.