Books That Make Learning Fun

A book that makes learning fun presents material in an engaging manner, encourages readers to think strategically, or models critical thinking and discovery.

Recent Books:
entertaining intro to the history of math

A Fly on the Ceiling (Step-Into-Reading, Step 4)

Julie Glass

Topic: history
Age Level: preschool
You'll use it: occasionally
walk into Monet's gardens

A Picnic with Monet (Mini Masters)

Julie Merberg, Suzanne Bober

Topic: art
Age Level: preschool
You'll use it: daily
solutions to Jacob's Elementary Algebra

Elementary Algebra: Tchrs'

Harold R. Jacobs

Topic: math
Age Level: secondary
You'll use it: daily
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Products and Toys that Teach

Products and toys that teach emphasize logical thinking, encourage children to explore the world around them, or help children understand new ideas in ways that are fun for them.

Recent Products:
fun with factors

The Iguana Factor Multiplication Game

Learning Resources

Topic: math
Age Level: elementary
You'll use it: daily
make a model

Zometool Advanced Math Creator Kit


Topic: math
Age Level: secondary
You'll use it: weekly
perfect game for practicing math skills in the car

4 Way Countdown Wooden Game


Topic: math
Age Level: elementary
You'll use it: weekly
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Information and Ideas for Teaching Parents

Here we share original articles on topics of interest for home schoolers and for parents and friends of independent learners.

Recent Articles:

Teaching Math: How early can I start?

featured in January 2007

You start teaching as soon as your baby is born. When you feed her, change her diaper, and hold her, your newborn learns she is loved. But when does a baby begin to learn math?

Teaching Math: Where do I begin?

featured in January 2007 * Homefires ezine*

When home schooling parents express concern about teaching a particular subject, often that subject is mathematics. Parents wonder where to begin. They are anxious about how to proceed. Parents worry if they’ll be able to advance with their kids. But there’s lots of hope! Here is some information to help you relieve these anxieties.

Home School Chemistry

Sometimes we mix a few other subjects in with our math. Here’s a musical presentation our family recently gave at a party.

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This is, the website built on our belief that learning is naturally fun. With the right expectation and approach, anyone can enjoy learning. But since each of us is unique, we each must find our own best way to learn. We know that we have found our way when learning is fun.

Here you will find books, products, and ideas that our family has used to make learning fun for each one of us. We hope that it encourages you to find your own way to have the fun of learning.